The Lump

So here we are.
I am a 35 year old happily married mom living in Southern California.

In early November 2016 I found a lump in my neck and made a doctors appointment for said lump. This is my attempt to blog about my journey through life without a thyroid and a possible cancer diagnosis.

When I first felt the lump I dismissed it, but after about a week, I felt it again. That time my son’s face flashed through my mind. I couldn’t imagine what might happen if I didn’t go get it checked out. So I made an appointment for the same day as his one year old check up, 11/25/2016. The doc I saw thought it was a cyst, but she order a CT Scan and referred me to a Head/Neck/Throat doc in case it needed to be removed. She checked my thyroid and said it felt normal.

About two weeks later I went in for my CT Scan. I have never had one done before and was a bit nervous. The procedure was a lot more relaxing than I thought it would be. Before the scan they put an IV in my arm and injected me with a contrast. You know the feeling you get when you take a shot of tequila and the warmth runs down your throat? Yeah, it felt like that but throughout my entire body. Two days later, on 12/9/2016, I had a consult with a Head/ Neck/ Throat doc. He said that the biopsy revealed nodules on my lymph-nodes thyroid. He did a biopsy on my neck which was not pleasant. Afterward I felt like I got punched in the neck. He also scheduled me for an ultrasound and referred me to an Endocrinologist to biopsy the nodules on my thyroid.

On 12/15/2016 I got the call from the Head/Neck/Throat Doc who explained that they found thyroid tissue in my lymph-nodes and that is a “high indicator of thyroid cancer.” It took everything I had to make it through the phone call without crying. I wasn’t yet diagnosed with cancer, but the possibility of it caught me off guard. As soon as I hung up, I cried while my husband held me. We were expecting guests at our house for a birthday celebration. I was grateful for the distraction and tone surround by good friends. We didn’t want to bring the mood down so we decided not to bring up the results unless somebody directly asked us. Those particular friends had known about the situation since the beginning so we didn’t want to lie to them if they asked us. One of them did and the cried with me and continued praying for me. What a blessing it has been to have an amazing support system through this journey.

I met my Endocrinologist on 12/21/2016 when he biopsied the nodule on the left side of my biopsy. Since that was the side the neck lump was on they decided to start there. Luckily, this biopsy was MUCH less painful than the neck biopsy. I was happy to have the holidays serve as a distraction as week waited about s week to get the results. On 12/27/2016 I found out that the biopsy results came back normal, but he wanted to re-sample that side and biopsy right side. At this point, although it was good news, I was cautiously optimistic about the results, not wanting to get my hopes up in case the next biopsy came back as bad news.

On 1/9/2017 I saw the Endocrinologist again, for my third biopsy. This time, on 1/13/2017 the Endocrinologist said the tissue from the nodule on the left side came back as atypical. Which means it isn’t necessarily cancer, but it’s not normal, either. He suggest I get my thyroid removed and referred me back to the Head/neck/throat doc who called me about a week later who still thinks it could be cancer, and also suggested I get it removed. He referred me to the thyroid surgery specialist.

And that brings me to today. I have a consultation with the Thyroid Surgeon on Monday, Jan 31st. I am nervous but also ready to get this thing out.


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