The Consult…

    On Monday afternoon, 1/30/2017, I met with the Thyroid Cancer Surgeon for a consultation. After a 30 minute wait in the exam room we finally met him. He is a younger guy with a straight forward personality. 

     So long story short, I will be having some sort of surgery on 2/9/2017. I will also have one last biopsy done about a week before then, on 2/3/2017 The invasivness of the surgery will depend on the biopsy results. If the biopsy is malignent then I will have my entire thyroid and some lymph nodes on the left side of my neck removed. If it comes back benign, I will have a lumpectomy and only part of my thyroid will be removed. The recover time for the latter is much shorter, three days, compared to the two week recovery time of the former.

     I am not looking forward to another biopsy, but I am ready to get some answers. 


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