The Surgery! Part Duex 

This is what the Lord says: I have heard your prayers and seen your tears. I will heal you.  2 Kings 20:5
     So almost two weeks ago, on April 6th, 2017 I had my second thyroid surgery. They removed five lymph nodes on the left side of my neck and the right side of my thyroid, which was left over from my February 9th surgery. 

     I checked in at 5:30am and was in the operating room around 7:20am. The procedure went off without a hitch with my vocal codes intact. Yay! 

     After the surgery I was wheeled to my room which I shared with another patient. Two, actually. The first woman was smart and requested a transfer to a single room. But I was on pretty good meds so I didn’t mind too much. 

     The stay was pretty uneventful. I was able to get up and walk around late that afternoon and outside of a little nausea, I was able to eat all the soft things. My husband stayed with me in the room and luckily they were able to find a chair/bed for him. My family also came to visit and brought me flowers and treats. I’m so thankful that they live so close to the hospital. 

     The nurses were amazing and made sure I was completely comfortable. I guess as comfortable as one can be after getting their neck sliced open. My calcium level was checked a few times. That was the reason I had to stay overnight, to keep an eye on my calcium level. That tiny butterfly shaped thing in our throats sure does control a lot of things. Like your calcium levels and body temperature. 

     Let’s talk about body temperature post-thyroidectomy. Ooooh wee, T’Shane! So for the first week or so my temperature would fluctuate so quickly I didn’t know what hit me. In the hospital I had to request a fan because I would get SO hot. Like, I want nothing touching me and get some air in me NOW, hot. It was similar to when I would get hot flashes while pregnant, but these were much more intense. I am 12 days post op and although the temperature changes are far less, I still run hotter than before. I now have to sleep with the fan on me through the night. Before, I was a cover lover, those days are long gone. 

     And then there is the whole appetite thing. I have yet to see my Endocrinologist, so I am not sure if my meds are where they should be, yet. I take 25 MCG per day of Liothyronine. So far my appetite is almost nonexistent and nothing really sounds that great anymore. When I do get hungry it comes on quickly and I only want Bean and cheese burritos and pasteries/ desserts. So that has proved to be both a blessing and a bit of a struggle. We will see how that develops while they figure out my medicine. 

     As far as the actual induction site, which starts from above my right clavicle, curves up at the left clavicle and ends behind my left ear lobe. It has been more uncomfortable and sensitive this time compared to my first surgery. I haven’t taken my Norco in about a week and have been able to limit my ibuprofen lift to an 800mg pill at night before bed. It’s still sensitive to the touch, but getting much better. I make sure to wear a scarf when I am out and about to protect it from the sun. 

     One of the other things that has changed is my energy level. Again, I am still trying to figure out what is due to recovery and what is due to my new label of hypothyroidism. The first 10 days or so I had to take a nap midday to make it through the day. Now, I still get tired much earlier than normal, but I don’t need as many naps. Unless I am out and about for the day. In also hoping that will change once I can get into my workout routine again. 

     It’s late and I have written a novel, so I will post again soon. 

Take care!